Product Series:DYH series planetary reducer

Release date:2022-04-08

DYH series planetary deceleration slewing device is independently developed by our company and is composed of hydraulic motor, hydraulic normally closed multi-plate brake planetary reducer, etc. And according to the requirements of various working conditions with different flow distribution devices, the distribution of the corresponding hydraulic valves integrated, such as balance valves, overload load valves, high-pressure shuttle valves, etc. The series of reducer has compact structure, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, in the performance side has good safety, low speed stability, low noise, reliable operation and other characteristics, the product is mainly used in truck cranes, truck cranes, concrete pump trucks, wet sprayers, TBMs and other equipment, the products sell well in XCMG Group and other domestic key enterprises, and have been exported to Russia, Australia, India and other countries.

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DYH3.7-720000-T3 Serise

最大扭矩Tmax N.m 传动比  i 液压马达 输入转速r/min 静制动扭矩TBr max N.m 制动器工作压力MPa
936000 121


250 0 0

1. The input steering of the reducer is the same as the output steering. Except for the transmission ratio listed in the table, the transmission ratio of products with batch can be selected separately

2. The allowable value of output speed (not specified in the sample) changes due to different actual working conditions. Please consult the relevant technicians of our company for details


Dyh series planetary deceleration and rotation device is independently developed by our company and is composed of hydraulic motor, hydraulic normally closed multi disc brake, planetary reducer, etc. It can be equipped with different valve distributors according to the requirements of various working conditions. The corresponding hydraulic valves are integrated in the valve distributor, such as balance valve, overload load valve, high-pressure shuttle valve, etc. This series of reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight and beautiful appearance. In terms of performance, it has the characteristics of good safety, good low-speed stability, low noise and reliable operation. This product is mainly used in truck mounted crane, truck crane, concrete pump truck, wet shotcrete machine, roadheader and other equipment. The products sell well in key domestic enterprises such as XCMG group and have been exported to Russia, Australia, India and other countries.


Users of various models of products can contact our company if they have requirements for super power. After special treatment of the material and surface of the moving parts of the planetary reducer, the performance and transmission power of the product can be greatly improved, but the manufacturing cost and price will also be increased accordingly.


The corresponding transmission device and output gears of different models can adapt to different working conditions. If you need to customize the rotary device, please contact our company directly.





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