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Release date:2022-04-07

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DGM series hydraulic motors are designed and improved by our company on the basis of Italian technology based on many years of production experience, so as to increase the strength of DGM series hydraulic motor shell and enhance the bearing capacity and anti pollution capacity of internal dynamic components. This feature makes this series of motors have a high continuous power range. Due to the high mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency, while reducing the internal unit load force, the heat generation and the related negative effects are reduced. Its main features are as follows:


(1) Because there is no lateral force between the piston and the swing cylinder, the bottom of the piston is designed to be statically balanced, and the torque is transmitted between the piston and the crankshaft through the rolling bearing, which reduces the friction loss in the process of force transmission. Therefore, DGM series hydraulic motors have the characteristics of high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque.


(2) The plane valve distributor is simple and reliable, with good sealing performance and little leakage. The piston and the swing cylinder are sealed with plastic piston rings without leakage, so it has high volumetric efficiency.


(3) The composite material shaft sleeve is adopted between the swing cylinder trunnion and the shaft hole of the rear cover and the shell. The structure reduces the friction loss and improves the sealing performance and anti fouling ability. Therefore, the low-speed stability, mechanical efficiency and working reliability are improved.


(4) Because the piston and bearing sleeve are firmly attached through the snap ring without clearance, this series of hydraulic motors can operate under the pump condition. When the oil inlet is closed, the motor can operate under the free wheel condition (the oil supplement pressure is required under the pump condition, which can improve the working reliability).


(5) The pressure of this series of hydraulic motors is high, and the pressure can reach 35MPa. Light weight, small volume and high specific power.


(6) Due to its simple structure, reasonable design and large load capacity, the bearing has the advantages of reliable operation, long service life and low noise. The transmission shaft is allowed to bear radial load and the rotation direction is reversible.


Because DGM series hydraulic motors have the above series of characteristics, they are widely used in the hydraulic transmission series of plastic machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hoisting and transportation equipment, heavy machinery, petroleum and coal mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, geological drilling equipment and other machinery. It is especially suitable for hoisting winch, drum drive, various rotary machinery drive, crawler and wheel walking structure drive and other transmission machinery.

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